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Internship opportunity at UNICEF

Batch Recruitment for ICT Interns – Yaounde, Bertoua, and Buea – Full-time Positions/ Office-based/ 6-month Duration

Job ID: 570854
Contract Type: Internship
Location: Yaounde
Position Level: Internship
Country: Cameroon (Yaounde, Bertoua, and Buea)
Field: Information Communication Technology

Internship Benefits

  1. Application of Theoretical Knowledge: Apply the academic theories learned at university in a practical work environment.
  2. Structured Teamwork: Collaborate within a structured team environment following corporate support management standards.
  3. International Exposure: Gain valuable experience within an international organization like UNICEF.
  4. Diverse Learning Opportunities: Explore IT areas beyond your current expertise.
  5. Technological Integration: Witness the implementation of various IT technologies across UNICEF Cameroon’s infrastructure.

Qualifications for Advocating Every Child

  1. Educational Criteria: Enrolled in or recently graduated from an IT-related degree program.
  2. Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Academic Excellence: Demonstrated by strong academic performance in recent university or institution records.
  4. Familial Independence: No immediate relatives employed at UNICEF or in positions of authority over the intern.
  5. Relevant Experience: Preference given for prior experience in IT, software development, or telecommunications.
  6. Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with Windows 10/11, Office 365, video conferencing tools, and cloud environments.
  7. Language Skills: Fluency in French and proficient in English.

Desired Technical Skills

  1. Operating Systems and Applications: Proficiency in Windows 10/11, Office 365, and video conferencing platforms like Teams and Zoom.
  2. Networking and Cloud Knowledge: Basic understanding of computer networks and cloud computing concepts.

To apply, click here.

N.B: Ne payez aucun frais pour obtenir un emploi



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