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Programme de stage UNESCO 2024 / UNESCO Internships 2024

Le programme de stages de l’UNESCO accepte des candidatures en janvier et en juillet chaque année. Les postulants doivent choisir l’offre d’emploi qui correspond à leurs compétences et à leur domaine d’expertise. Ceux qui réussissent leur candidature demeureront dans la liste des stagiaires potentiels et seront évalués et sélectionnés par les responsables du recrutement compétents.

The UNESCO Internship Programme accepts applications twice a year, in January and July. Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply for vacancies that align with their expertise and field of interest. Successful applicants will be included in the intern talent pool and undergo further evaluation and selection by relevant hiring managers.

Internships at UNESCO

The UNESCO Internship Programme provides valuable hands-on experience within a diverse cultural setting. In addition to gaining insight into the organization’s mission, programs, and objectives, interns will engage in meaningful work assignments that contribute to their academic growth and future career prospects.

The UNESCO Internship Programme serves as an educational opportunity for both students and recent graduates, allowing them to familiarize themselves with UNESCO’s mission, programs, and operational procedures while acquiring practical skills and knowledge relevant to their academic pursuits.




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