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Recruitment notice : Head of Corporates Services


Internal / External

SBO – Manager
Position: Head of Corporate Services
Department: Corporate Service
Reporting Line: Managing Director
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Douala

Job Purpose

  • Oversee the management of UBA’s infrastructures and handle logistics management for the country office.
  • Establish and maintain a conducive working environment for UBA staff.

Key Accountabilities

  • Define the Yearly Orientation/Strategy of the Department
  • Establish the annual direction and strategy for the Department.
  • Coordinate All Maintenance Activities for All Bank Assets
  • Organize and oversee maintenance activities for all assets owned by the bank.
  • Ensure Existing SLAs with Vendors for Maintenance of Bank Assets
  • Confirm the existence of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with vendors to guarantee the maintenance of the bank’s assets.
  • Coordinate Procurement Activities Pan Bank
  • Manage and oversee procurement activities across the entire bank.
  • Oversee Administrative Functions of UBA Corporate Services
  • Supervise administrative functions within UBA Corporate Services, ensuring the provision of timely, efficient, and cost-effective support services.
  • Responsible for All Issues Concerning the Bank’s Equipments
  • Take charge of all matters related to the bank’s equipment.
  • Follow Up and Coordinate All New Contracts Engaged by the Bank
  • Monitor and coordinate all new contracts undertaken by the bank, reviewing existing contracts to ensure alignment with the bank’s activities.
  • Coordinate All Logistics Activities
  • Manage and coordinate all logistics-related activities.
  • Coordinate Vendor Management Activity
  • Oversee the Vendor Management activity.
  • Coordinate Fleet Management Activity
  • Manage the Fleet Management activity.
  • Coordinate All Protocol and Lodging Activities
  • Oversee all Protocol and Lodging activities.
  • Coordinate Logistics for All Bank Events and Trainings
  • Manage logistics for all bank events and training sessions.
  • Coordinate All Bank’s Security and Safety ActivitOversee all security and safety activities for the bank.
  • Follow Up and Ensure Timely Payment of All Vendors
  • Monitor and ensure the timely payment of all vendors.
  • Coordinate the Bank Assurance Function
  • Manage and coordinate the Bank Assurance function.
  • Coordinate and Ensure Permanent Availability of Bank Stationery and Furniture
  • Oversee the continuous availability of bank stationery and furniture.
  • Coordinate the Purchase of All Bank Capex and Opex
  • Manage the procurement of all bank Capital Expenditures (Capex) and Operational Expenditures (Opex).
  • Ensure Permanent Adequacy of Corporate Services Activities with the Bank Policies, Local Regulations, and UBA Standards
  • Ensure the ongoing alignment of Corporate Services activities with bank policies, local regulations, and UBA standards.
  • Follow Up on All Bank Projects and Real Estate Activity
  • Monitor and follow up on all bank projects and real estate activities.

Key Performance Indicators

Timeliness in Carrying Out Assigned Tasks

  • Measure the promptness in completing assigned tasks.

Actual vs. Budget

  • Evaluate the alignment of actual performance with budgeted expectations.

Cost vs. Quality

  • Assess the balance between cost and quality in performance.

Customer Service Delivery Index

  • Gauge the effectiveness of customer service delivery through an index.

Qualifications Required

Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Any Relevant Discipline

  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant discipline.

Experience Required

Minimum 05 Years Logistics and Facilities Management Experience

  • Possess a minimum of five years of experience in Logistics and Facilities Management.

Key Competencies


Banking Operations, Policies, and Procedures

  • Acquaintance with banking operations, policies, and procedures.

Logistics and Transport

  • Proficiency in logistics and transport management.

Procurement and Stock Management

  • Competence in procurement and stock management.

Cost Management

  • Understanding of cost management principles.

Facilities Management

  • Expertise in facilities management.


  • Problem Solving Skills

The capability to address and resolve challenges effectively.

  • Multitasking

The ability to handle multiple tasks or responsibilities simultaneously.

  • Ability to Manage Complexities

Proficiency in navigating and managing intricate or complicated situations.

  • Negotiation Skills

The aptitude for engaging in effective negotiations.

  • Numeracy Skills

Competency in numerical and mathematical abilities.

  • Supervisory Skills

The capacity to oversee and manage tasks, projects, or individuals.

  • Coaching

The ability to guide and develop others through mentorship and constructive feedback.

Application Submission

Applicants are requested to forward their CV and cover letter to: with the subject line “HEAD CORPORATE SERVICE –”. Contact: +237 233 506 782

Only candidates shortlisted will be contacted to advance to the interview stage.

If you do not receive any response within one month after this publication, please regard your application as not accepted for this period.

Application deadline: January 13, 2024

N.B: Ne payez aucun frais pour obtenir un emploi

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