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Volunteering Opportunities at United Nations 2024

Volunteering Opportunities at United Nations 2024 Fully Funded

Applications are currently being accepted for a fully funded volunteering opportunity with the United Nations. The UN Volunteer program recruits volunteers to work within UN agencies, contributing to development programs and peacekeeping missions. The aim is to encourage active participation from individuals in their own developmental progress.

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program plays a key role in fostering peace and development globally through volunteerism. We collaborate with partners to incorporate skilled, enthusiastic, and adequately supported UN Volunteers into development initiatives, while also advocating for the importance and worldwide appreciation of volunteer work.

Working with the United Nations offers a unique opportunity for personal growth in a diverse environment. Engaging with the world’s premier organization allows volunteers to apply their skills in practical ways. This exceptional volunteering experience also facilitates connections with other influential organizations worldwide. Organizations can review volunteer records from their work at the UNV program and potentially integrate them into their own initiatives.

In today’s technological world, volunteer dynamics are evolving. This program assigns tasks that individuals and organizations complete using online tools and mutual support, transcending physical barriers. The program engages people from various backgrounds, including writers, graphic artists, educators, researchers, advocates, leaders, project developers, translators, and more. UNV’s online volunteering platform unites professionals from 181 countries, offering opportunities to enhance skills while fulfilling United Nations tasks.


Successful candidates will receive:

  1. Stipend for living expenses covering essential needs;
  2. Reimbursement of travel costs;
  3. Settlement grant, calculated based on assignment duration and disbursed at the start of the assignment;
  4. Comprehensive life, health, and disability insurance coverage;
  5. Annual paid leave;
  6. Resettlement support, determined by assignment duration and issued upon successful assignment completion.

Criteria for Volunteering with the United Nations

To qualify:

  1. Age between 18 and 55;
  2. Minimum of two years’ relevant professional experience;
  3. Proficiency in English, Spanish, or French.

Partners Eligible for Collaboration

Eligible partners include:

  1. United Nations entities;
  2. Government or public institutions;
  3. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Application Process for the UN Volunteer Program

  1. Prospective applicants must register online.
  2. Individuals should choose the “become a volunteer” option when applying.
  3. Organizations interested in engaging volunteers should select the “Engage Volunteers” option.
  4. Accurate information is essential as UNV applications are evaluated based on the details provided during registration.

Current Deadline: Ongoing

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