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Fully Funded Han University Scholarships 2022 in Netherland

Fully Funded Han University Scholarships 2022 in Netherland

Han University Scholarships 2022 in Netherland is Open for all International applicants who want Pursue higher education abroad. Applications are accepted from all over the world for Fully Funded Scholarship to Continue Undergraduate Degree and Master’s Degrees programs. No Application Fee Will Be needed for this scholarship. All the Major Subjects and Specializations like Social Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Computer, Business and Islamic Education also like as management and Development subjects are available.

HAN University is one of the best universities in the Netherlands. Its purpose is to empower, support and prepare students for future technical education and nationality. Han is a rapidly growing founder in a dynamic and complex global community. HAN also creates opportunities for people to grow professionally and personally. They teach students, train strong people who look out of the box and think like professionals. Their goal is to maximize personal impact and community availability. HAN connects students and professionals.

The Top Ranked Public Research University founded in 1996 located in the eastern Dutch cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, Edmonton. Albert National University ranks 17th among all Han Universities. International Standard according to QS World Ranking University is No. 1937. Han University is an international university that offers quality education. The University has excellent study environments and fully equipped labs. Never miss this opportunity to study for a full Scholarship. Full details on the lines below:

Complete overview Han University Scholarships 2022 in Netherland:
Offered Degrees: Undergraduate & Master
Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
University Name: Han university
Host Country: Netherland
Application Last date Date: 1st October 2021

Scholarship Support:
HAN University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the Netherlands. The amount of the scholarship relay on the kind of scholarship. There are different courses for different learning programs. However, full details are also provided below.

Bachelor’s Scholarship:
As mentioned above there are a wide range of subjects for different types of studies.

Orange Tulip:The bursary amount for this course is € 12,500. Applicants from Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, Vietnam, has the right to apply for this study.

UHAN Holland:
The prize for this course is € 5,500. Applicants must not be from EU / EEA countries.

Honor:The prize for this course is € 2,500. Applicants of non-EU / EEA nationality have the right to apply

Selected students will receive € 2,500 for their first semester and 2,500 for their second semester.

List of Subjects/Academic Fields offered by Han University:
HAN University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate or postgraduate degree programs for foreign students. It is up to the students to decide what kind of course to take.

Bachelors Courses:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Electrical engineering and technology
  • Embedded System Engineering
  • International business
  • International Social Work
  • Health Science
  • mechanical Engineering

Masters Programs:

  • Engineering Programs
  • Engineering Programs: Automotive Programs
  • Engineering Systems: Management Systems
  • Engineering Programs: Installed Programs
  • Engineering Programs: Lean Engineering
  • Engineering Programs: Sustainable Energy
  • Molecular Health Sciences
  • Molecular Health Sciences

Application requirements:

  • The terms and conditions set out below are met by Scholarship:
  • All International Students and Residents of Canada can apply for the Scholarship.
  • 12 years Education is needed for Bachelor degree program.
  • Undergraduate Master Degree Programs are required.
  • Master age limit not more than 35 at the time of application.
  • Good Educational Record.
  • Experience in Master’s and PhD Studies.
  • LELET or TOFEL is not required.

Necessary Documents:

  • All Documents provided below should be downloaded while in use. Details are below:
  • For Bachelor Programs Higher Secondary School Certificate or 12 years Education is required.
  • For Master Degrees Transcript of Bachelors.
  • International Student Passport.
  • Resume / Short CV.
  • Encouraging Letter or Statement of Intent.
  • Two Letters of Commendation.
  • English Technical Certificate from the last institution.
  • ILETS is not required.

Application Last Date:
The applicant wants to start this document from September, he must apply before 1 April. If the applicant wants to start this grade in February, he or she must apply before October 1st, 2021.

Guideline how to submit application for Han University Scholarships 2022 in Netherland:
There are about 5 steps to take to apply for the HAN Scholarship. Please see the step-by-step instructions below.

Applicants must apply before the first undergraduate or graduate deadline.
Step 1: Complete your Registration
Step 2: Configure your application

After that you should prepare the required documents such as a motivation letter, 3 short videos about you and the latest CV
Step 3: Submit your Application

If you qualify, you will receive a reading program link at your email address. Please complete the application form with the documents provided in step 2.
Step 4: Get Alert

Waiting for prize notification
Step 5: Accept the Scholarship

You must provide written accreditation.

Apply Online

Official Scholarship 

Website Link

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