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Job advert: Area Business Manager 2 (Bilingual) Foumban

Department: EasyBuy Direct Sales

Job Type: Permanent – Full Time

Location: Foumban (Cameroon)

The Team You Would Join:

The team responsible for direct sales at EasyBuy is the outward-facing division of Sun King’s pay-as-you-go (PAYG) consumer sales segment. This group oversees the recruitment, supervision, and management of a large network of sales agents referred to as “Energy Officers.” These officers actively market and distribute Sun King’s PAYG solar solutions while also providing ongoing customer support within their respective regions.

Through the EasyBuy PAYG solar framework, customers can acquire a Sun King solar home solution with a modest initial payment, followed by a series of subsequent installments.

About the Position:

As an Area Business Manager, your primary role will be to spearhead sales, manage collections, and oversee distribution operations within your assigned area for the direct distribution of Sun King Solar products under the “EasyBuy” business unit. This involves supervising a network of agents known as “Energy Officers.” The Area Business Manager is ultimately responsible for driving sales growth, ensuring prompt and accurate collections, and fostering sustainable expansion across the entire Direct Distribution division.


Hire & Retain Energy Officers

  1. Recruit, train, and retain a team of at least 40 Sun King Energy Officers within the designated area. Utilize various channels to identify suitable individuals to promote and sell Sun King EasyBuy products, leveraging local influencers such as village leaders, educators, religious figures, healthcare providers, farmers, and others as relevant. Cultivate a positive reputation for Sun King’s mission to deliver clean, affordable, and dependable energy solutions in their communities.

Training of Energy Officers

  1. Conduct comprehensive training sessions for Energy Officers covering multiple facets of the business, including sales techniques, collection procedures, product knowledge, technical aspects, inventory management, and logistics. Ensure diligent supervision in a professional manner, emphasizing the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and professionalism in customer interactions.

Provide Role Clarity to Energy Officers

  1. Offer clear guidance and expectations to Energy Officers regarding their daily responsibilities, sales and collection objectives, assigned routes, and performance targets. Ensure Energy Officers are equipped with designated sales territories, equipped with product demonstration skills, capable of addressing basic customer inquiries promptly, and have continuous access to support and guidance from the Area Business Manager.

Daily Field Visits

  1. Establish weekly contact with each Energy Officer through in-person meetings, customer interactions, or telephone calls. Address any challenges encountered by Energy Officers promptly and communicate issues to the Regional Business Manager regularly. Oversee the initial five sales of each Energy Officer in collaboration with the Area Business Manager to ensure a thorough understanding of the core sales and collection processes.

Work with Energy Officers

  1. Engage in joint field activities with groups of Energy Officers on a weekly basis to provide sales and collection training. Foster Energy Officer participation through night and market activations, community visits, engagement with local groups, retail outlets, and marketplaces to facilitate group sales initiatives.

Achieve or Surpass Sales and Collection Targets: Strive to achieve or exceed the sales and collection targets set by your Regional Business Manager at the beginning of each month. Provide consistent daily and weekly updates on sales performance, recruitment of Energy Officers, resolution of customer issues, and other relevant matters, in close collaboration with your Regional Business Manager.

Implement Effective Field Sales Strategies: Regularly assess collection progress with your Energy Officers and offer them comprehensive training to enhance collection efficiency within your designated areas. This involves detailed customer and area profiling, ensuring prompt and regular follow-ups on collections, resolving customer concerns promptly to facilitate payments, and, if necessary, initiating system repossession as a last resort for defaulting customers.

Maintain External Market Awareness: Stay vigilant about competing companies offering similar products in your territory and proactively take steps to safeguard and expand our market presence. Keep your management team informed in advance and adopt proactive measures to uphold Sun King’s prominent position as a leading brand in solar products within your region.

Resolve Customer Concerns Promptly: Deliver top-tier customer service, addressing issues related to product delivery, user training, payment facilitation, installation, and post-sales warranty matters. Collaborate closely with your Energy Officers to establish transparent expectations and streamlined processes for resolving all customer concerns within a 24-hour timeframe.

Exercise Fiscal Control Over Marketing and Operational Expenditure: Ensure adequate provision of marketing resources and necessary equipment (such as smartphones) to all Energy Officers under your supervision. Strive to achieve maximum return on investment across all expenditure categories, including marketing initiatives, supply chain management, store maintenance, and smartphone allocation.

Conduct Regular Review Meetings with Energy Officers: Organize weekly roundtable discussions with Energy Officers, ensuring the participation of the RBM to address any outstanding customer or officer issues. Plan and coordinate these sessions effectively to maximize attendance and progress. Recognize exceptional performance periodically to sustain high levels of motivation among Energy Officers.

Expand Retail Presence: Oversee the expansion of the retail network within your area of responsibility with the support of an appointed Area Retail Coordinator. Ensure adherence to all retail protocols and procedures, fostering exponential growth in the number of high-performing retailers operating within your operational domain.

Desirable Qualifications and Experience

  1. Possess a Business-related Degree or Equivalent with Minimum 3 Years of B2C Sales Experience: An ideal candidate should hold a degree in a business-related field or its equivalent, coupled with at least three years of hands-on experience in business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.
  2. Proficiency in Computer Skills, Especially Excel and PowerPoint: Demonstrated expertise in computer literacy, particularly with comprehensive knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint, is essential for this role.
  3. Familiarity with Cameroon, Specifically Foumban, and Bilingual Proficiency (English and French): Candidates should be based in Cameroon and possess a strong familiarity with Foumban and its surrounding towns or villages. Fluency in both English and French is required.
  4. Extensive Background in Customer Care: The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in customer care, ensuring exceptional service delivery and satisfaction.
  5. Highly Innovative, Cost-Conscious, with Strong Planning and Organizational Skills: Candidates should demonstrate innovative thinking, cost-consciousness, and exceptional abilities in planning, organizing, prioritizing tasks, and maximizing value while maintaining a strategic perspective.
  6. Exceptional Relationship-Building Skills, Both Internally and Externally: The candidate should possess excellent interpersonal skills, adept at building and nurturing relationships both within the organization and externally.
  7. Effective Listener, Coaching Abilities, and Commitment to Continuous Learning: Strong communication skills, including active listening and coaching capabilities, combined with a disciplined approach to continuous learning and improvement, are crucial for success in this role.
  8. Commitment to Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction: The ideal candidate should uphold operational excellence, consistently fulfilling promises, staying well-informed, and striving to achieve excellent customer satisfaction levels.

Benefits of Joining Us

  1. Opportunities for Professional Growth in a Rapidly Expanding Sector: Join a platform that fosters professional growth within a high-impact, rapidly expanding sector.
  2. Engage in a Collaborative and Motivating Culture at Sun King: Immerse yourself in a collaborative environment, energized by fellow Sun King employees who are collectively dedicated to fostering transformative and sustainable ventures.
  3. Diverse and Global Learning Environment: Experience a genuinely global environment, engaging and learning alongside a diverse group of individuals from various geographies and backgrounds.
  4. Tailored Learning and Development through the Sun King Center for Leadership: Benefit from tailored learning pathways offered through the Sun King Center for Leadership, designed to elevate your leadership and managerial capabilities.


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