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Recruitment notice of 01 mental health activity manager

Recruitment notice of 01 mental health activity manager


Job Title: Mental health activity manager

Reports to: Hierarchically, under the Medical Project Manger
• Functionally, under INTERSOS Medical Unit and SV Mental Health Advisor
Supervision of: N/A
Duty station Kumba
Type of contract CDD
Duration of employment contract: Until 30/06/2022
Main objective and tasks Project Management

Planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the MHPSS project, ensuring timely and quality delivery of services as per approved project’s proposal, both inside the hospital mental health unit (of which is directly responsible) as well as the decentralized activities in the 9 health facilities as well as the community work in and around Kumba, supervising the local partner PM;

Ensure quality and pertinence of MHPSS activities;

  • Ensure the beneficiary continuum of care: from identification to admission and return to the community. Supports the local partner’s PM in developing a referral path from the community to an appropriate resource for patients in need of higher care (either to the psychologists or to GP/Psychiatrist) and a clear follow up system, especially for psychiatric patients to allow proper treatment including psychotropic medications and psychosocial support
  • Ensure, in line with INTERSOS internal rules and regulations, Consortium lead and donor regulations and international humanitarian standard (such as SPHERE) the management of the project;
  • Conduct regular field visits to all the health facilities/localities to assess program quality and progress toward objectives, facilitate collective problem solving with staff and other stakeholders to address challenges;
  • Liaising with the project Local partners, ensuring regular meetings, structured supervision, feedback mechanisms are in place to maintain the overview of the project and effective coordination of all the stakeholders and its components in collaboration with the PM, liaising with sector appropriate local government and authorities, non-state actors, UN agencies, NGOs, and donors at field site level, in coordination with the HoM;
  • With the support of the PM, Plan and distribute tasks and workload among the teams, guiding their understanding of the issues linked to the Project through regular working meetings and feedback, in order to ensure an efficient deployment of the resources and the achievement of the expected goals;
  • Ensure confidentiality and full compliance with security rules and medical ethics in all health facilities including the hospital;
  • Review technical material, tools and documents elaborated for the development of activities (in strict collaboration with SV MH advisor)
  • Share problematic situations and cases with the Project Medical Manager and SV MH referent for help with decision making and problem resolution or discussion of clinical cases
  • Supervise the project material resources put at INTERSOS disposition in order to ensure a correct use and its longevity;
  • In collaboration with the PM, Monitors the risks and threats around the project(s) and develops appropriate mitigation plan
  • Proactively participate in relevant technical coordination meetings and working groups.

Training and Supervision

In collaboration with the local partner’s PM:

  • Trains psychologists and counsellors(CHWs) in provision of counselling for mild to moderate MH cases through the use of international recognised interventions (PM+)
  • Organize MHGap training and manages the 2 psychiatrists (1 in hospital and 1 roving) responsible for care of severe cases
  • supports the local partner in the provision of trainings to community workers and health staff on identification of patients, how to run psychoeducation sessions, how to create MH awareness and fight the stigma in the community in collaboration with the medical PM, ensures severe cases have access to quality medications, through supervision of the psychiatric nurses to ensure correct administration practices, develops a follow up system to identify promptly treatment related issues (ex. side effects, lack of adherence)

Supervises the local partner PN to ensure:

  • community activities are progressing as planned (psychoeducation sessions, awareness activities) clinical supervision of the team of roving psychologists, CHWs (peer clinical supervision, in session observation, multi-disciplinary team meeting/Case discussion) is in place and performed regularly
  • Supervise and ensure that MHPSS activities with the clients are performed with regular follow-up ( including setting up of an appointment and defaulter follow up system) and according to protocols and standards in order to provide the most appropriate treatment for clients with MHPSS problems

Network activities

  • Perform a mapping and its regular update of the existing services, including other INGO’s, local NGO’s, community groups and governmental health services, working in the field of MHPSS in collaboration with the PM Maintain and develops network through meetings, cluster and contact with field organisations and relevant actors / track files with the main contact information.
  • Patient documentation, Data collection and analysis of activities
  • Ensure the set up of patient files and data collection tools and their regular update (according to the template agreed with the SV MH advisor) in all facilities including the hospital and the community based activities trains all the relevant staff in the use of the patient files and data tools and supervises them strictly to ensure high quality of data
  • Ensure that the MH Database is regularly updated and filled properly; provides monthly report activity (narrative & statistics) as well as the quarterly report according to set deadlines and templates
  • Monitor and evaluate MHPSS activities based on the data collected, and their analysis, reporting regularly about mental health activities, etc.) and adapt them accordingly.
  • Educational and professional experience required • Education: Licensed qualified clinical psychologist/
  • Experience: Essential field experience of at least two years as psychologist/ in clinical settings
  • Desirable experience in managing human resources
  • Desirable working experience with INTERSOS or other NGOs in management positions
  • Desirable working experience in developing countries
  • Technical and behavioral competencies required • Familiar with international guidelines (IASC, WHO mh_GAP).
  • Familiar with PM+ intervention (desirable trained in PM+)
  • Essential computer literacy (Word, Excel and Internet)
  • Essential advanced knowledge of different therapeutic techniques.
  • Dynamic, creative, flexible
  • Desirable competencies and qualifications – Have work in the South Ouest Region for the two past years
  • Strong knowledges of the areas of the South Ouest Region, especially Kumba-
  • Languages English and Pidgin
  • Knowledge of French (written and spoken) is an asset

Women candidatures are highly encouraged.

Send your CV and Cover letter by following this link: Mental Health Activity Manager

Only CV and Cover letter send through the link mentioned will be received.

NB: Only Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the written and technical test.

Please apply no later than August 25, 2021, at 5 PM

NB: Ne donnez pas d’argent pour obtenir un emploi


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