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Recrutement Plan International: Driver UNHCR

The Organization

Plan International is a non-governmental organization committed to promoting children’s rights and gender equality globally. We recognize the inherent potential in every child, yet acknowledge that factors such as poverty, violence, marginalization, and discrimination often hinder their development. Particularly, girls bear the brunt of these challenges.

Collaborating with children, youth, supporters, and partners, we advocate for a fairer world by addressing the underlying causes of the obstacles faced by girls and vulnerable children. Our efforts encompass safeguarding children’s rights from infancy to adulthood and empowering them to navigate crises and adversity. Leveraging our extensive reach, experience, and expertise, we drive tangible changes in policies and practices at local, national, and international levels.

For over 85 years, we’ve united with other passionate advocates to effect meaningful transformations in the lives of children across more than 80 countries.

We will persist until equality is universal.


The incumbent, as a driver, bears the responsibility of operating the vehicle with utmost professionalism and defensive driving techniques to ensure the safety and security of all staff, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. It is imperative to adhere to the vehicle maintenance schedule rigorously to prolong its lifespan and prevent frequent breakdowns or malfunctions. Furthermore, meticulous record-keeping of the vehicle’s movements and mileage in the logbook is essential for monitoring its whereabouts and deterring potential theft. Additionally, maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle is crucial to enhance its condition.

The incumbent is also tasked with timely notification, at least two months in advance, to the Administrative and Logistics Assistant regarding the impending expiry of vehicle documents such as insurance or MOT certificates, to facilitate their renewal without any issues from regulatory authorities. Ensuring seamless communication with customers and the timely delivery of local mail without any instances of missing items is paramount.

Strict adherence to Plan’s child protection policy is mandatory to ensure the safety and well-being of children, with zero tolerance for any reports or incidents of child abuse. Similarly, compliance with Plan’s fraud policy is imperative to safeguard the organization’s assets and reputation for integrity.

Moreover, the incumbent is expected to undertake any additional duties assigned to them, contributing effectively to the organization’s objectives.


The ideal candidate for the driver position should possess a GCE O level/SSS diploma and a minimum of 5 years’ driving experience in the formal sector. A valid driving license, preferably with at least class B, is required along with a demonstrated 5-year track record in the formal sector. Previous experience in the NGO sector, particularly in areas related to child development, would be advantageous.

  • Reports to: Logistic Officer
  • Grade: A
  • Closing Date: 01/07/2024

Equality, diversity, and inclusion are fundamental principles upheld by Plan International.

We are committed to fostering a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the communities we serve, ensuring equal opportunities for individuals regardless of age, disability, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

Plan International is deeply rooted in a culture of inclusivity, endeavoring to cultivate a work environment where every team, across all offices and countries, thrives on diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas.

We nurture an organizational ethos that upholds our unwavering commitment to racial justice, gender equality, girls’ rights, and inclusivity.

In a world where children are confronted with numerous threats, Plan International recognizes its paramount obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of children. As an organization, we are dedicated to taking all necessary measures to protect children from harm, refraining from actions that may jeopardize their safety or well-being.

To uphold our commitment to safeguarding children and young people, a series of pre-employment screenings will be conducted in accordance with Plan International’s Safeguarding Children and Young People policy. Furthermore, as part of the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme, we will seek information from applicants’ former employers regarding any instances of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and/or sexual harassment during their tenure or incidents under investigation upon departure. By submitting an application, the applicant acknowledges their comprehension of these recruitment procedures.

Kindly be informed that Plan International does not initiate unsolicited emails soliciting payment from candidates.

To apply, click here

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  1. bonjour, je suis chauffeur catégorie B,C,D âgé de 39 ans formé en conduite défensive et je suis très intéressé par la gestion du patrimoine roulant.
    actuellement en service chez Globeleq Cameroun au poste de chauffeur, je suis ouvert à une meilleure offre.

  2. bonjour, je suis chauffeur B,C et D. âgé de 39 ans formé en conduite défensive et très intéressé par la gestion du patrimoine roulant
    actuellement en service plein chez Globeleq Cameroun, je reste ouvert à une meilleure offre

  3. bonjour. j’ai eu votre offre et je suis intéressé.titulaire d’une licence en géographie et d’un permis de conduire b avec 5ans d’expérience en tant que chauffeur particulier. je ne parviens à postuler par votre lien.


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