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University Of Ottawa African Scholarships 2024

University Of Ottawa Africa Scholarships 2024 For African Students Studying English-CANADA

The University of Ottawa has recently unveiled a generous allocation of $11 million in entrance and merit scholarships aimed specifically at African students. This distinctive Entrance and Merit Scholarship program is designed to endow incoming students with a four-year scholarship, effectively mitigating a substantial portion of their university tuition expenses.

Application Deadline:

Mark your calendars for April 1, 2024, as this is the critical deadline for those aspiring to secure the esteemed Merit Scholarship.

Insights into the University of Ottawa Entrance and Merit Scholarship:

The University of Ottawa takes immense pride in the vibrant tapestry of its international student community. The Entrance and Excellence Scholarships, distinguished by their renewability and contingent on academic performance, cater specifically to students hailing from Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, or Bangladesh. Eligibility extends to those embarking on their academic journey in English, with admission slated for the commencement of the fall semester in 2024, scheduled to kick off in September.

Demonstrating a commitment to fostering international diversity, the University of Ottawa is poised to implement significant reductions in tuition fees for international students from the aforementioned countries. This initiative will take effect starting in the Fall 2024 term, providing substantial financial relief to those pursuing eligible undergraduate programs conducted in the English language.

All eligible students will automatically be granted the scholarship upon their registration, with the allocated funds being directly applied to offset their tuition fees.

It is imperative to note that the entrance scholarship cannot be amalgamated with the Excellence Scholarship designated for African students pursuing their studies in English.

Our scholarship initiative stands out as one of the most generous in Canada. Recognizing not only your pre-university academic accomplishments but also your ongoing achievements in each term of full-time study at the university, this new scholarship is tailored to provide African students studying in English with access to numerous pilot programs across three faculties at a significantly reduced tuition cost.

In a proactive measure to support students throughout the application process, the University of Ottawa is set to host a series of virtual sessions. These sessions aim to address inquiries and offer guidance to prospective students as they navigate through the application procedure.

1. Scholarship Type and Eligibility Criteria

The University of Ottawa offers undergraduate scholarships, providing a substantial opportunity for eligible students to ease their financial burden.

  • Students Eligible for Entrance and Merit Scholarship:

    Students hailing from Africa, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, or Vietnam are automatically considered for renewable entrance or excellence scholarships based on academic performance. This applies specifically to those enrolling in eligible undergraduate programs conducted in English. For students from China or South Korea, merit scholarships are available for the same programs.

  • Criteria for Scholarship Eligibility:

    International students aspiring to avail themselves of these scholarships must fulfill the following criteria:

    1. Hold citizenship in any African country or one of the specified nations.
    2. Be newly admitted for the Fall 2024 term to an eligible undergraduate program conducted in English within the designated faculties.
    3. Opt out of the French immersion stream.
    4. Possess a valid study permit at the commencement of the course.
    5. Maintain full-time enrollment.


  • Note: Canadian citizens with dual citizenship (Canada and other countries) are ineligible, given their existing eligibility for Canadian tuition fees.

2. Application Process and Considerations

Understanding the process and considerations involved in applying for the University of Ottawa’s Entrance and Merit Scholarship.

  • Automatic Consideration and Application Process:

    All eligible students will be automatically considered for the scholarship upon enrollment, streamlining the application process. The allocated scholarship funds will be directly applied to offset tuition fees.

  • Merit Scholarship Exclusivity:

    It’s crucial to note that the entrance scholarship cannot be combined with the Excellence Scholarship designated for students from Africa studying in English. This ensures a fair and distinct allocation of scholarship benefits.

Navigating through these considerations will empower prospective students in their pursuit of academic excellence at the University of Ottawa.

University Of Ottawa African Scholarships 2024

1. Program Duration and Application Criteria

Understanding the temporal commitment of the program and delving into the specific criteria for applying to the distinguished University of Ottawa Entrance and Merit Scholarship.

  • Program Duration – Four Years:

    The duration of the program spans a comprehensive four-year period, offering an extensive academic journey for students benefitting from the University of Ottawa Entrance and Merit Scholarship.

  • Application Process for Merit Scholarships:

    Navigating through the intricacies of applying for the merit-based scholarships, which involve a competitive selection process.

    • Criteria for Merit Scholarships:

      Merit Scholarships are exclusively awarded to top-tier applicants boasting an admission average of 90% or higher. The application window extends until April 1, 2024, with admissions processed by April 15, 2024. Preference is given to candidates designating the University of Ottawa as their primary choice, and successful recipients are anticipated to commence their programs in September.

2. Step-by-Step Application Guide

Providing a step-by-step guide on how prospective students can successfully apply for the University of Ottawa Entrance and Merit Scholarship.

  • Initiating the Application:

    Prospective students are required to commence the application process by submitting their applications through the designated portal:

  • Generating Student Number and UOZone Access:

    Upon application submission, the university processes the application and generates a unique student number. This number serves as the key to accessing the university’s portal, UOZone, where applicants can seamlessly submit their academic results and supporting documents for thorough review.

  • Conditional Admission and Scholarship Allocation:

    Successful completion of the application process leads to conditional admission, wherein the scholarship is awarded based on the applicant’s GPA. This streamlined approach ensures a clear pathway for aspiring students to secure both academic admission and financial support.





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