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Honjo Foundation Scholarship in japan 2024-2025

The Honjo Foundation offers scholarships for international students wishing to study in Japan during the autumn or spring sessions.”The Honjo Foundation Scholarship for studying in Japan is an opportunity available during both the fall and spring semesters. This scholarship, administered by the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation, welcomes applications from international students pursuing graduate studies at Japanese universities. Recipients of this scholarship are not required to reimburse the funds received from the Foundation. The scholarship covers a monthly stipend, housing, and travel expenses for attending international conferences. Furthermore, recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to receive any other scholarships concurrently.

This fully funded program is open to candidates interested in pursuing either a Master’s or doctoral degree at higher education institutions in Japan. Applicants should demonstrate a strong commitment to international friendship and goodwill, participating in foundation events and contributing to the alumni network. Proficiency in Japanese sufficient for everyday conversation is required, as interviews will be conducted in Japanese.

The Honjo International Scholarship Foundation was established with the aim of supporting talented students facing challenges studying under diverse conditions in developing countries, as well as Japanese students studying abroad. The foundation seeks to facilitate the acquisition of advanced technologies and foster goodwill, ultimately serving as a bridge between Japan and the global community, promoting cultural exchange and mutual friendship.

Program Details

  • Institution Hosts: Japanese Higher Educational Institutions.
  • Study Areas: Range of academic fields offered by Japanese universities.
  • Award Quantity: About five (5) scholarships will be granted.
  • Duration: Can extend up to 5 years.
  • Countries Eligible: Students from any nationality are eligible to apply.

Honjo Foundation Scholarship Benefits

The Honjo Foundation scholarship offers several advantages to chosen recipients:

  1. Monthly Stipend: Recipients will receive financial support according to their study duration:
  • ¥210,000 per month for 1 or 2 years
  • ¥190,000 per month for 3 years
  • ¥160,000 per month for 4 or 5 years
  1. Travel Grant: A travel grant is provided to cover expenses for attending international conferences.
  2. Exclusive Scholarship: Recipients cannot receive concurrent scholarships alongside the Honjo Foundation scholarship.
  3. Employment Restrictions: While benefiting from the scholarship, recipients are limited to part-time employment directly related to their studies, like teaching or research assistant positions, or roles in international exchange such as translators or interpreters.
  4. Participation Requirements: Recipients must engage in individual interviews and Foundation-organized events.
  5. Post-Graduation Commitment: Following completion of graduate studies, recipients are expected to actively participate in Foundation events.

Eligibility Requirements for the Honjo Foundation Scholarship

To qualify for the Honjo Foundation Scholarship in Japan, applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Non-Japanese Citizenship: Applicants must not hold Japanese citizenship.
  • Enrollment Status: Candidates should either be enrolled as of September or October 2024 or be in the process of applying for a graduate program starting in September or October 2024 at a Japanese graduate school. This includes individuals who are not yet enrolled (including those currently employed) but will commence studies in September or October 2024. Those planning to begin graduate studies in spring 2024 should apply for the 2024 spring scholarship program, open for applications from September 1 to October 31, 2024.
  • Program Duration: Applicants must be enrolled in a program lasting longer than 12 months.
  • Age Criteria for Degree Programs: Applicants for a PhD program must commence their studies by the age of 35, while those applying for a master’s program must start before turning 30 (no exceptions).
  • Commitment to Home Country Service: Candidates must demonstrate a strong commitment to serving their home country in their future career plans.
  • Japanese Language Proficiency: Proficiency in Japanese is essential, as interviews will be conducted exclusively in Japanese (no exceptions). Applicants must be capable of engaging in everyday conversations in Japanese.
  • International Engagement: Applicants must exhibit a deep understanding of international friendship and goodwill, and commit to participating in foundation-organized events and alumni networks.
  • Professional Graduate School Enrollment: Generally, students enrolled in professional graduate schools are ineligible. However, students who can submit a research plan may still apply.
How do I apply for the Honjo Foundation Scholarships?

To apply for The Honjo Foundation Scholarship, eligible candidates should click the apply button below and carefully follow the provided instructions to submit their applications. Required documents must be submitted in PDF format through the online platform.

After completing the application process, you will receive an application number. Successful applicants’ numbers will be announced on the foundation’s website. Therefore, candidates are advised to keep a record of their assigned application number.

Digital files that need to be uploaded include:

  1. A Portrait Photo

The photo should not exceed 500KB in size.

Ensure the file is in either .jpg or .gif format.

  1. A Two-Minute Video where the applicant discusses their research plan
  • The video should be a maximum of 1GB in size.
  • It should be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Accepted file formats are .mp4 or .mov.
  • The applicant should speak either Japanese or English in the video.
  • Presentation materials can be incorporated into the video, but the applicant’s face must be clearly visible throughout.

Required Documentation

  1. Academic Transcript:
  • Submit your academic transcript in Japanese or English. If your transcript is in another language, please include a translated version.
  • Undergraduate Course Transcript (mandatory). If you transferred from a College of Technology (kōsen school system), include transcripts from that institution.
  • Graduate School Transcript (not required if unavailable).
  1. Research Proposal:
  • Complete the provided template in Japanese. ( click here to download the template).
  • Outline your proposed research.
  • Describe how your studies in Japan will contribute to your home country.
  • Highlight past research, academic, and social achievements. Please provide these details in Japanese on the designated form. If you’re not confident in Japanese, you may also submit an English version alongside.
  1. Recommendation Letter from Supervisor:
  • Obtain a letter detailing your academic performance, personal attributes, and future potential from a supervisor. Alternatively, a letter from a previous supervisor familiar with your academic background is acceptable.
  • The letter must be sent directly from the recommender’s email to before the deadline, including your application number in the subject line.
  1. Admission Confirmation Documents:
  • Provide documents confirming admission (e.g., admission letter or acceptance letter).
  • If already enrolled in graduate school, include a certificate of enrollment.
  • If these documents aren’t available by the deadline, indicate the expected availability date on the “web application system” and promptly email them to the HISF office upon receipt.
  1. Additional Recommendation Letter:
  • Obtain another recommendation letter as described above.
  • The recommender can send the letter directly to by the deadline. Ensure the file name includes your name and application number.
  • After receiving the letter, upload it to the Online application system. A signature or seal from the recommender is required.
  1. Further Instructions on Admission Documents:
  • If admission documents aren’t available by April 30, 2024, provide the expected date on the “Online application system” and send them promptly to the HISF office upon receipt.
  • Access to the Online application system will be unavailable after May 1, 2024.
  • All documents, including photocopied ones, should be uploaded as PDF files via the “Online application system,” regardless of envelope instructions.

The deadline for Fall 2024 application submissions is April 30, 2024. For further information regarding the Honjo Foundation Scholarship for studying in Japan, kindly refer to the official webpage.



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