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Job advert: Manager, YIBS Business Incubator Center


LOCATION: Yaoundé, Cameroon


The YIBS Business Incubator Center stands as a vibrant and inventive hub dedicated to aiding startups, fledgling entrepreneurs, and emerging enterprises through the provision of resources, guidance, and avenues for networking.

We are in search of a profoundly Manager to spearhead our team and facilitate the realization of our clients’ utmost potentials. The appointed individual will shoulder the overarching responsibility for managing and overseeing the business incubator’s operations. This entails devising and executing strategies to bolster our clientele and fostering connections with stakeholders and collaborators.

Being a promising entity committed to fostering entrepreneurship and aiding startups, we are devoted to creating a conducive atmosphere for aspiring entrepreneurs to flourish and excel.


The Manager of the Business Incubator will undertake the pivotal role of supervising the daily functions of the incubator. This encompasses administering the application procedure, offering mentorship and assistance to the array of companies under our wing, and fostering a lively and cooperative community of entrepreneurs. The perfect candidate will possess a profound comprehension of the startup landscape, a fervor for innovation, and a proven history of facilitating the growth of nascent companies.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Overseeing the application and selection procedures for new portfolio companies;
  2. Providing guidance and assistance to portfolio companies, such as regular consultations, objective establishment, and resource arrangement;

Program Development and Implementation

  1. Creating and executing initiatives and gatherings to bolster the advancement and progress of portfolio companies;
  2. Fostering an active and cooperative community of entrepreneurs within the incubator facility;

Stakeholder Engagement and Resource Management

  1. Establishing and nurturing connections with vital stakeholders, including investors, mentors, and industry associates;
  2. Supervising the allocation of the incubator’s finances and assets to ensure the program’s enduring viability;

Industry Awareness and Innovation

  1. Keeping abreast of industry developments and optimal methodologies to sustain the incubator’s position at the forefront of innovation.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Possession of a master’s degree in business, entrepreneurship, or a relevant field;
  2. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a startup or entrepreneurship-oriented position, encompassing roles in business expansion, operational management, or program administration;

Expertise in Startup Dynamics:

  1. Comprehensive comprehension of the startup landscape, encompassing the obstacles and prospects encountered by fledgling enterprises;
  2. Exceptional communication skills and adeptness in interpersonal interactions, capable of fostering connections and conveying ideas effectively across diverse stakeholder groups;

Proven Success in Startup Support:

  1. Demonstrated history of effectively aiding early-stage companies, inclusive of mentorship, guidance, or consultancy involvement;
  2. Proficiency in autonomous work management and adeptness in handling multiple tasks within a dynamic environment;

Commitment to Innovation and Startup Advancement:

  1. Zeal for innovation and an unwavering dedication to fostering the advancement and triumph of nascent startups.

To complete your application, kindly send a cover letter, resume, and three references to or dial 670828872.

We anticipate your response eagerly!


N.B: Ne payez aucun frais pour obtenir un emploi



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