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Slovak Government Scholarship 2024-2025 for Foreigners

The Slovak Government Scholarship (part of the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic) was established by the Slovak government to facilitate the movement of students, PhD students, university educators, researchers, and artists.

The Slovak Scholarship for International Students studying in Europe is financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic. This scholarship is offered to individuals interested in a short-term stay (typically 3 to 10 months) in Slovakia for research or educational purposes.

Situated in Central Europe, Slovakia covers an area of 49,000 square kilometers and has a population exceeding 5.4 million. The Slovak Republic is a member of various international organizations including the Eurozone, the European Union, the Schengen Area, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Visegrád Group, the World Trade Organization (WTO), NATO, CERN, the OSCE, and the OECD. Slovakia boasts a developed economy with a high-income status and is renowned for upholding civil liberties, freedom of the press, democratic governance, and maintaining peace. The nation offers its citizens universal healthcare, tuition-free education, and one of the lengthiest paid parental leaves among OECD countries. Additionally, Slovakia is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and its capital city is Bratislava.

Details of the Slovak Government Scholarship

  • Host Organizations: Higher educational establishments and research institutes within Slovakia.
  • Areas of Study: Various disciplines offered at host organizations within Slovakia.
  • Quantity of Scholarships: Amount not explicitly stated.
  • Length of Award: Specifics provided below.
  • Qualified Nations: Accessible to individuals of all citizenships.

Advantages of the Slovak Government Scholarship

  1. Financial Support for International Scholars: The Slovak Government Scholarship aims to assist international recipients by covering their expenses while residing in Slovakia for academic, research, or teaching purposes. This support encompasses living expenses such as food and lodging throughout the duration of their stay.
  2. Scholarship Details
  • For university students, the monthly stipend amounts to 620 €.
  • PhD students receive a monthly allowance of 1025.50 €.
  • University professors, researchers, or artists are allocated:
  • 1025.50 € per month if without a PhD or with less than 4 years of professional experience.
  • 1370 € per month if holding a PhD and with less than 10 years of professional experience.
  • 1470 € per month if holding a PhD and possessing over 10 years of professional experience.
  1. Additional Benefits
  • Reimbursement of up to 250 € for medical examination expenses.
  • Travel allowance is a lump sum paid at the end of the scholarship tenure, based on the distance between the recipient’s home and Slovakia:
  • 0 € for distances up to 200 km.
  • 50 € for distances exceeding 200 km up to 300 km.
  • 100 € for distances exceeding 300 km up to 500 km.
  • 250 € for distances exceeding 500 km up to 1 000 km.
  • 350 € for distances exceeding 1 000 km up to 2 000 km.
  • 500 € for distances exceeding 2 000 km up to 3 000 km.
  • 750 € for distances exceeding 3 000 km up to 5 000 km.
  • 1 100 € for distances exceeding 5 000 km up to 7 000 km.
  • 1 500 € for distances exceeding 7 000 km.

To estimate the distance from your country to Slovakia, please utilize the provided “Distance Calculator” tool. This scholarship program not only supports scholars financially but also offers essential allowances to facilitate their academic endeavors in Slovakia.

NOTE: To calculate the monthly scholarship amount for university teachers, researchers, and artists based on their work experience, only the experience up to the application deadline is considered. This includes PhD studies, where a maximum of 6 years of PhD studies can count as work experience.

Length of the Visit

  1. Duration of an Educational Visit (Students)
  • Students can stay for either 1 to 2 entire academic terms (equivalent to 4 to 5 or 9 to 10 months) or
  • 1 to 3 academic quarters, if the school year is divided into quarters (equivalent to 3 to 4 or 6 to 7 or 9 to 10 months).
  1. Length of a Research Visit (Doctoral Candidates):
  • The duration can span from 1 month up to 10 months.
  1. Timeframe of a Grant Stay (Academics, Scholars, or Artists):
  • The period can range from 1 month to a maximum of 10 months.

Commencement of the Grant Period:

  • For students: the start of the visit falls between 1 September 2024 and 1 April 2025.
  • For doctoral candidates, academics, scholars, and artists: the commencement of the visit is set between 1 September 2024 and 31 August 2025.

Conclusion of the Grant Period:

  • For students: the latest permissible conclusion date for the visit is 31 August 2025.
  • Doctoral candidates, academics, scholars, and artists: the grant must conclude no later than 30 November 2025.

Qualifications for the Slovak Government Scholarship

  1. Eligibility Criteria for Slovak Government Scholarship Applicants
  • To qualify for this government scholarship, candidates must meet one of the following requirements:
  • Are enrolled as university students at institutions outside of Slovakia;
  • Are pursuing Master’s level education, or have completed a minimum of 2.5 years of university studies in the same program by the application deadline;
  • Have secured admission to a study program in Slovakia during their academic tenure abroad and have been accepted by a public, private, or state university in Slovakia for academic exchange.
  • All three conditions must be satisfied. However, this category does not extend to doctoral (PhD) studies or their equivalent.
  1. Eligibility for Doctoral Candidates and Academic Researchers
  • PhD students engaged in higher education or scientific training outside Slovakia are eligible if they have received acceptance from a public, private, or state university, or a research institution in Slovakia for academic mobility in pursuit of a doctoral study program, such as the Slovak Academy of Sciences, to conduct research or academic studies in Slovakia.
  1. Invitation for International Educators, Researchers, and Artists
  • International university educators, researchers, and artists who have been invited for a teaching, research, or artistic residency in Slovakia by an institution possessing valid accreditation for research and development, excluding business entities, with its principal office in Slovakia.

Applicants from any country worldwide (excluding Slovakian citizens) are welcome to seek a scholarship stay in Slovakia under the framework of the NSP (National Scholarship Programme).

Guidelines for Applying for the Slovak Government Scholarship

To initiate the application process for the Slovak government scholarship, prospective candidates are required to access the designated application portal by clicking on the apply button and carefully adhering to the provided directives for submission. The online application platform becomes accessible a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the stipulated deadline. Applicants can commence filling out their applications once the online system is operational.

Below is a compilation of higher education institutions and research establishments situated in Slovakia.

Furthermore, it is imperative that applicants secure a scan of their admission or invitation letter issued by the respective host institution in Slovakia. This document must be attached to the online application submission. Failure to provide this essential document will result in the inability to proceed with the online application, consequently leading to its non-assessment. It is essential to note that the original admission or invitation letter must be presented upon the successful awarding of the scholarship.

Necessary Documents for Second-Tier University Students

  1. Essential Documents for University Students at the Advanced Academic Level

Please see below, the enumeration of obligatory papers that should be affixed to the digital submission for a learning excursion for international learners (qualified petitioners under classification A):

  1. Course of Study:
  • synopsis of academic history;
  • statement of intent;
  • in-depth academic schedule: it is vital to specify the start date of the visit, duration, a roster of disciplines that the applicant wishes to explore throughout their visit, and the total academic credits anticipated for each subject.
  1. Two Endorsement Letters:
  • two commendatory documents issued by academic tutors from the applicant’s university (the paperwork must carry the signature, official title, and contact information of the issuing individual). The endorsement documentation should not predate 90 days from the final application deadline.
  1. Verification Document from the Applicant’s Home Institution:
  • certification issued by the applicant’s originating institution confirming the applicant’s regular enrollment at the university. The validation should encompass details regarding the anticipated completion date of the applicant’s program.
  1. Copies of Bachelor’s Educational Certificates:
  • digitized versions of the applicant’s undergraduate diploma, accompanying certification, and government-endorsed exam credentials (if applicable).
  1. Acknowledgment/Summons Correspondence:
  • formal acknowledgment or summons communication issued by the prospective Slovakian university where the applicant intends to study, denoting the length of stay.

Essential Documents for Doctoral Candidates

  1. Vital Papers for Doctoral Scholars

Below, please discover the catalog of obligatory paperwork that should accompany the digital submission for an academic/research/creative residency for international doctoral scholars (qualified candidates falling under category B):

  1. Personal History Summary:
  • professional background overview;
  • statement of purpose;
  1. Comprehensive Study/Research/Artistic Proposal:
  • it is imperative to specify the commencement date, duration, and a comprehensive timeline of the intended residency;
  1. Endorsement Correspondence from Dissertation Advisor:
  • a supportive document endorsed by the doctoral candidate’s dissertation overseer (the document should include the signature, official role, and contact details of the endorsing individual). The endorsement letter must not precede three months from the application deadline.
  1. Verification Certification from Home Institution/Research Entity:
  • an attestation issued by the applicant’s originating university or research entity, confirming the applicant’s active PhD student status at the time of application, along with anticipated completion details of the PhD program;
  1. Copies of Master’s Degree Credentials:
  • digitized copies of the applicant’s master’s degree certificate, accompanying documentation, and any relevant state examination certificates (if applicable);
  1. Publication/Artistic Portfolio Listing:
  1. Admission/Invitation Correspondence from Host Institution/Research Entity:
  • formal acceptance or invitation correspondence issued by the prospective Slovakian university or research entity, specifying the residency period.

Essential Documents for International University Educators/Researchers/Artists

  1. Essential Papers for Academic Professionals
  • Outlined below is the list of mandatory documentation to be submitted with the online application for a teaching and/or research/artistic residency for international university educators, researchers, or artists (eligible candidates falling under category C):
  1. Comprehensive Teaching and/or Research/Artistic Proposal:
  • It is essential to specify the commencement date, duration, and a detailed itinerary for the intended residency;
  1. Copy of Highest Academic Degree Certificate:
  • Submission of a scanned copy of the applicant’s highest academic degree diploma;
  1. Publication/Artistic Portfolio Listing:
  1. Invitation Correspondence from Host Institution/Research Entity:
  • Official invitation letter issued by the prospective Slovakian university or research organization, indicating the duration of the residency.

The deadlines for applications are April 30, 2024 at 16:00 CET (for scholarships for the upcoming academic year) and October 31, 2024 at 16:00 CET (for scholarships for the current academic year’s summer semester).

For further information regarding the Slovak Government Scholarship for International Students, kindly refer to the official webpage.

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Official page  

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