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Job offer: GBV Strategic Partnership Advisor

  • Role: GBV Strategic Partnership Advisor
  • Organization: International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • Locations: United Kingdom (3 locations available)

Job Details:

  • Job ID: req52098
  • Category: Technical Units
  • Employee Status: Fixed Term
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Work Arrangement: Open to Remote
  • Open to Expatriates: No
  • Salary Range: £56,875 – £66,354 per annum

About the IRC:

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) tackles the world’s most severe humanitarian crises, aiding those affected by conflict and disaster to regain health, safety, education, economic stability, and empowerment. Established in 1933 upon the initiative of Albert Einstein, the IRC is among the leading international humanitarian non-governmental organizations (INGOs), operating in over 50 countries and more than 25 U.S. cities to help people survive, reclaim their futures, and rebuild their communities. IRC employees are committed to restoring safety, dignity, and hope to millions, creating a lasting impact. If you’re driven by solutions and passionate about making a difference, join us in improving the lives of millions worldwide for a better future.

Our goal is to set the highest global standards in our programs and to foster enduring change not only for our clients but for all affected by humanitarian crises. To achieve this, IRC’s Technical Excellence (TE) group within the Crisis Response, Recovery, and Development (CRRD) Department offers technical support to country program staff and disseminates our findings to influence policy and practice.

Technical Excellence Team:

The IRC’s Technical Excellence team consists of five specialized units: Education, Economic Wellbeing, Governance, Health, and Violence Prevention and Response. Additionally, there are teams focused on measurement, finance, and grant management. These teams are integrated with those dedicated to cross-sectoral programming quality in emergency responses. IRC’s Technical Excellence teams provide five core services to IRC country programs and the broader organization:

1. Program Design: We support country and regional teams to design state of the art programming, incorporating the best available evidence, cost data, and expertise of what has worked elsewhere, with the knowledge that country teams, partner organizations and our clients bring to the table.

2. Quality Assurance:
We partner with our measurement teams to design and drive the use of indicators to measure progress towards outcomes; we partner with regional and country teams to review program delivery progress and help address implementation challenges and adapt interventions to changed circumstances.

3. Business Development:
We partner within and outside the IRC to design winning bids and identify winning consortia; we deploy technical expertise in public events and private meetings to position IRC as a partner of choice.

4. Research & Learning:
We partner with our research lab to design cutting edge research to fill evidence gaps, and with country teams to learn from implementation such that we continuously improve our future design and delivery.

5. External Influence: We showcase the IRC’s programs, technical insights and learning in order to influence and improve the humanitarian sector’s policy and practice.

The Violence Prevention and Response Unit at the IRC – The Violence Prevention and Response Unit (VPRU) is one of IRC’s five Technical Units alongside Health, Education, Economy Recovery and Development and Governance. Technical Units provide support to our country programs in the design, delivery, quality assurance and continuous learning for programs advancing the outcomes areas the IRC supports and driving thought leadership around those areas of work. Programming addressing violence, abuse and exclusion in crisis situations represents the organisation’s second largest programmatic portfolio.

The VPRU brings together the disciplines of Child Protection, Women’s Protection and Empowerment, and Protection- Rule of Law. We seek to reduce people’s vulnerability to violence and support them to recover from the consequences of violence through programs tailored to individual needs and contexts, as well as strategies addressing systemic gaps which contribute to the perpetuation and exacerbation of violence in crisis and conflict environments. Our prevention work focuses on programs that shift power dynamics, promote human rights, and empower people affected by violence and inequality to transform their future. Our response work focuses on ensuring lifesaving and survivor-centered services for people affected by violence and inequality in all their diversity. We work with the people most at risk and seek to address the needs of populations of all ages and backgrounds through a context-relevant, client-centered, intersectional approach.

We also know from evidence and experience that in most contexts women and children are disproportionally impacted by unequal power, and therefore those at greatest risk of violence. For this reason, we are committed to specialized approaches for these populations.

Option 1: Emphasizes Global Impact and Innovation

To drive IRC’s Violence Prevention and Response (VPR) programs across 45+ countries, our team of 70+ experts leverages best practices, evidence-based insights, and cross-regional learning. We champion safer, more inclusive lives for our clients through strategic research, adherence to quality standards, and active engagement in industry advancements. Partnering with country programs and local actors, we pioneer protection innovations that empower women, girls, children, adolescents, and vulnerable groups.

Job Overview:

The GBV Strategic Partnership Advisor leads IRC’s collaboration with Irish Aid to combat gender-based violence and empower women and girls in crises. Established in 2014, this partnership has invested €16 million in East Africa-focused programs, policy, and learning initiatives. The Advisor oversees this multifaceted portfolio, advancing quality, scale, and impact while prioritizing feminist principles and women-led initiatives.

Purpose of the Role:

The Advisor provides technical leadership, co-leading with IRC’s Frameworks and Global Awards team to ensure effective management, compliance, and communication.

Option 2: Focuses on Collaboration and Client-Centered Approach

IRC’s global VPR impact is fueled by a dedicated team of professionals who synthesize best practices, data-driven insights, and cross-regional lessons to create safer environments for our clients. Our commitment to research, quality, and industry collaboration translates into innovative, high-impact interventions. In partnership with local stakeholders, we develop and share protection solutions that empower women, girls, and vulnerable populations.

Job Overview:

The GBV Strategic Partnership Advisor spearheads IRC’s vital partnership with Irish Aid, which has delivered significant resources to address GBV and empower women and girls. This role involves technical leadership of a diverse portfolio, focused on scaling up women-led programming and influencing positive change.

Purpose of the Role:

As co-lead, the Advisor collaborates with the Frameworks and Global Awards team to ensure the partnership’s effectiveness, adherence to requirements, and strong communication with Irish Aid.

Option 3: Highlights Expertise and Strategic Partnerships

IRC’s VPR programs span the globe, relying on a team of experts who apply best practices, data-driven decision-making, and cross-regional insights to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. We champion evidence-based solutions, uphold rigorous standards, and actively participate in industry development. Collaboration with local partners fosters innovation in protection programming that benefits women, girls, and marginalized groups.

Job Overview:

The GBV Strategic Partnership Advisor plays a crucial role in driving IRC’s partnership with Irish Aid to combat GBV and empower women and girls. The Advisor provides technical expertise to elevate the partnership’s impact, focusing on scaling quality programming and promoting women’s leadership in the field.

Purpose of the Role:

The Advisor works collaboratively with the Frameworks and Global Awards team to ensure the partnership’s success, including efficient management, compliance, and communication with Irish Aid.

Scope and Authority

The GBV Strategic Partnership Advisor serves as the technical lead for the Irish Aid IRC Strategic Partnership, overseeing strategic development, program implementation, technical assistance, business development, and stakeholder representation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic Development

    1. Collaborate with IRC’s Frameworks and Global Awards team (Irish Aid) to provide strategic direction for the partnership.
    2. Develop strategies to advance evidence-based practices, accountability to women and girls, and scaling through feminist partnerships and localization within the partnership.
    3. Support IRC technical advisors, emergency response teams, country programs, and partners in understanding and applying these strategies.
    4. Lead regular outcome analysis and learning across the partnership, collaborating with the VPRU MEL team.
    5. Oversee the triennial external evaluation of the partnership in collaboration with Irish Aid.
  • Program Implementation & Technical Assistance

    1. Implement the partnership’s learning activities, including organizing and facilitating the annual WPE learning forum and producing the WPE learning brief in multiple languages.
    2. Provide technical guidance and quality assurance across all pillars of the partnership:
      • Lead a community of practice for WPE teams and partners in target countries.
      • Review emergency response requests, proposals, and reports.
      • Provide technical guidance to WPE P&A Pillar priorities and strategies.
      • Collaborate with the VPRU MEL advisor to strengthen monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities.
    3. Participate in annual country program visits with Irish Aid and IRC’s Frameworks and Global Awards team.
    4. Oversee grant and financial management of Learning Pillar activities in coordination with relevant teams.
  • Business Development

    1. Collaborate with the IRC’s Frameworks and Global Awards team (Irish Aid) to design the next phase of the Strategic Partnership (2025-2027).
    2. Lead the technical design process, engaging WPE pillar leads, partners, country programs, emergency response, and policy teams.
    3. Work with VPRU WPE technical advisors and the MEL team to develop a monitoring, evaluation, and learning framework for the next phase.
    4. Support communication with Irish Aid regarding the continuing partnership.

External Engagement:

  • Serve as the VPRU representative in external meetings and collaborative efforts related to the GBV Strategic Partnership.

Reporting Structure:

  • Reports To: Global Practice Lead for WPE
  • Direct Reports: None
  • Internal Collaborators:
    1. Irish Aid Frameworks and Global Awards team
    2. VPRU WPE Technical Advisors
    3. VPRU MEAL Specialist for the Strategic Partnership
    4. VPRU Policy and Advocacy Lead and WPE Policy Officer
    5. EHAU VPRiE Senior Technical Advisor
  • External Partners:
    1. Irish Aid
    2. Women-led and women’s rights organizations engaged in GBV programming, emergency response, policy, and learning within the Strategic Partnership

Qualifications and Expertise:

  • Extensive Experience: 6+ years of progressively responsible experience in designing, leading, and implementing GBV response, prevention, and empowerment programs in humanitarian emergencies and protracted recovery contexts.
  • Strong Management Skills: Proven track record in grant and project management, leading teams to deliver high-quality, context-relevant programming, and driving the adoption of evidence-based, accountable practices.
  • Local Partnership Focus: Experience working with women and girls’ organizations and movements to empower local actors in humanitarian response.
  • Strategic and Influential: Demonstrated skills in strategic design and planning, business development, influencing diverse stakeholders, and effective communication and storytelling.
  • Operational Excellence: Ability to manage and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment, with outstanding business acumen, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Superb interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills, adept at collaborating across cultures and functions.
  • Language Skills: Fluency in English required; French proficiency preferred.
  • Travel: Willingness and ability to travel internationally up to 25% of the time.


  • Competitive salary ranges based on UK market rates, role complexity, and individual experience.
  • Final offers consider specific skills, qualifications, and work location.

Professional Standards:

  • IRC staff uphold the highest ethical standards, as detailed in our Code of Conduct: Integrity, Service, Accountability, and Equality.
  • We foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace where all individuals are valued and respected. Discrimination, harassment, and bullying are strictly prohibited.

Option 2: Emphasizing Value and Inclusion


  • We offer competitive compensation packages designed to attract and retain top talent in the UK.
  • Your individual salary will reflect your experience, skills, and contributions to the organization.

Our Commitment:

  • The IRC is deeply committed to its Code of Conduct, which prioritizes ethical behavior, client service, and accountability.
  • We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to our mission. We actively seek to increase representation of underrepresented groups at all levels.

Option 3: Focused on Transparency


  • Salary ranges for UK-based roles are determined by a combination of market data, internal equity, and budgetary considerations.
  • Your final offer will be tailored to your specific qualifications and experience, ensuring fair and competitive compensation.

Professional Conduct and Inclusion:

  • IRC staff are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which outlines our core values and commitment to ethical behavior.
  • We are dedicated to creating a workplace where everyone feels safe, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives.

Additional Considerations:

  • You could add a short sentence about benefits if applicable (e.g., “We also offer a comprehensive benefits package”).
  • Consider linking to the full Code of Conduct for further information.
  • Tailor the language to match the specific tone and style of your organization’s communication.

N.B: Ne payez aucun frais pour obtenir un emploi



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